I’m currently working on two Young Adult manuscripts:

The first, a dark fantastical supernatural suspense about friendship and haunted things, is taking a lot of time to write - and a lot of research.

The idea for it has germinated for over a year, but the synopsis and outline came quickly - the manuscript? Finessing until it shines.

The second is a creepy paranormal thriller. Again, it’s about friendship but instead of haunted things? It’s … dead things. The title (nope, not telling!), the opening line, the first chapter, and the closing line of the first chapter all came to me while commuting to work, on the train ride to Manhattan. Hm. Maybe that had something to do with it!
I also decided to get with the social media program and join Twitter.  I’m: @SynDeeBargest

As soon as I’m up and running on Facebook, I’ll post that here.

Stay tuned for more news … and thanks for your support!
(And thanks to my ever patient, super fantastic agent!)