I read a lot, these are only a few…

(Keep in mind, some of these authors write across ages for YA, MG and Adult readers)


Nancy Holder

Jeff Mariotte

Melissa Marr

Holly Black

Scott Westerfeld



Marjorie M. Liu

pic2Neil Gaiman



Rick Riordan

Garth Nix



Night Flight Comics
An amazing pop culture store full of comics, books…everything
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah (there are 2 locations)

Mysterious Galaxy
Based in San Diego, CA, they specialize in fantasy & science fiction.
Lots of events, great books, and a fantastic website.  You can also order on line.

Books of Wonder
Based in New York City, this is one of the best bookstores. Ever.
Rare books, blow-out events, a comprehensive selection.  If you’re in NYC:  GO!



The Endicott Studio for Mythic Arts

Sur La Lune Fairy Tales

Sacred Texts
(Sacred and mystical texts from around the world)

Encyclopedia Mythica
(Myth, folklore and legends from around the world)



The writing journey is solitary, yet it’s something one doesn’t have to walk alone.
I belong to the following organizations.
You want to learn the business of writing?
You want to be a better writer and storyteller?
Join these organizations.  They provide a wealth of resources and support.

Liberty States Fiction Writers
The perfect organization for me. 
The motto?

The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators
THE organization for scribes of Young Adult, Middle Grade and other fiction for younger folk. Amazing support network and resource treasure trove!

Romance Writers of America
This organization is probably the best to learn about the publishing industry and the business of writing.  It doesn’t matter if you write romance or not.  If you want to be a polished pro, join!  Once you join RWA, there are many subchapters to join:  Young Adult, FF&P (Futuristic, Fantasy & Paranormal), KOD (Kiss of Death – the Mystery/Suspense Chapter) and many others!

Mystery Writers of America
The premier organization for mystery and crime writers (their words – and I agree!). Great organization, again, to network and learn the craft of writing.

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